Cities where residents feel comfortable. Alba Yulia is in first place in the ranking. A study conducted by the World Bank

The municipality of Alba Iulia ranks third in the list of cities of the state, according to the level of residents’ satisfaction with the area in which they live. According to the city quality of life scale, the level of satisfaction in nine cities exceeded 90%: Cluj-Napoca (97%), Oradea (96%), Alba Yulia (95%), Braشوفov, Drobeta Turnu. Severin (94%), Timisoara, Sighisoara (92%), Slatina and Yasi (90%).

Also, more than 80% of urban residents are satisfied with the city in which they live, according to the Urban Barometer – the quality of life in Romanian cities, funded by the World Bank. The study was published in October 2020 and shows that the highest level of overall satisfaction with the city in which he lives was recorded in the urban centers of the central region (87%), and the lowest in the cities of southern Montania (74%).

At the lowest level of the ranking, eight of the 41 cities included in the sample scored satisfaction levels below 70%: Tașnad (70%), Aboud (68%)Euphoria (65%), Solina
(65%), Beiuș (59), Baile Herculane (52%), Caransebeș (50%) and Mihăilești (46%).

Cluj-Napoca is the district seat with the highest degree of satisfaction (97%). Among the dwellings included in the sample, Ploiesti scored the lowest (73%). Sighișoara is the municipality where you do not reside with the highest score (92%) of the sample, and Karansbic (50%) is the municipality with the lowest score.

Safety in the city

73% of urban residents feel, in principle, safe in the city in which they live. Bucharest is far from the average (62% of respondents said they feel safe in the city). The average urban safety in cities with a population of 300,000-500,000 is 80%. Cities with less than 5,000 residents also have a high average (78% of the total population feel safe). In the northwest region, the feeling of safety is more pronounced (85%).

Values ​​over 85% are recorded in five municipalities with county seats: Alba Yulia (85%)Cluj-Napoca (86%), Oradea (89%), Drobeta Turnu Severin (91%), Suceava (93%).

Administrative services to support people

Nationwide, 53% of urban residents agree that the administrative services of the city in which they live help people effectively.

Ten urban towns record an agreement rate of 65% or more of the total urban population. Of these, five are provincial seats: Constanta (65%), Alba Yulia (66%)Yasi (67%), Cluj-Napoca (69%) and Oradea (84%). Six localities reported agreement rates of less than 40%, Tg. Jiu (39%) is the only county residence located in between.

Job availability

Nationally, 50% of urban residents agree with the statement “It is easy to find a job in my city.” The Center region has the highest availability (61%), followed by Bucharest-Ilvov (59%) and Northwest (57%). Values ​​below the national average were measured in southern Montenea (38%), southwest Oltenia (42%) and southeast (46%).

Over 65% availability was recorded in Cluj-Napoca (81%), Suceava (80%), Timisoara (71%), Alba Yulia (69%), Oradea (69%), Sinaia (66%); Less than 30% availability was recorded in eight cities, and Alexandria (25%) is the only housing among them.

Trust the local government

52% of urban residents state that they agree with the statement “In general, you can count on the public administration of my city.”

Values ​​above 65% confidence were recorded in seven cities, including the following dwellings: Alba Yulia (67%)Cluj-Napoca (70%) and Oradea (81%).

Five regions score values ​​below 40%, including two residences: Târgu Jiu (39%) and Ploiești (38%).

Confidence in local administration is closely related to both the perception of the efficiency of local public administration services and the degree of satisfaction with the activity of public administration in the field of urban planning.

See Urban Scale – Quality of Life in Romanian Cities (.pdf)

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