Let’s create good events, give them an urgent update

The director of the Astra Museum, Ciprian Ștefan, believes that Sibiu should increase the number of overnight stays spent by tourists, which is why he says the recipe for success is that from June 1 to September 1, events take place every weekend in the city center – a tangible show also for visitors, not Only for the community.

Recently, in an interview with Ciprian Ștefan, I asked him what the most common problems appealed to the Sibiu Provincial Council, the institution under which the Astra National Museum complex is located.

“It’s of a financial nature. Until last year, we had a sum of money earmarked for Sibiu province from the Romanian government. 16 million lei were coming for culture and worship. This year they cut the culture and another 5 million of the funding that came from the government from 2003- 2004 when, after the reform, we moved from government subordination to district authority,” Cyprien Stefan told us.

According to him, the enterprise budget – including salaries and development – exceeds 28-30 million lei per year, which is “a very heavy enterprise for a small province like Sibiu”. “For nothing, we are in fourth or fifth place in paying the state budget from VAT rates, etc., if we are in 34th place when we receive this money. Plus we are going through this crisis. This year, for example, The income has increased because we have increased the entrance fee – tickets and subscriptions, but the number of visitors is down by about 10% compared to last year. Well, that was all over Romania, ”explained the manager.

However, he describes the crisis as a “challenge.”

“(…) Nice things happen in Sibiu, in the city, but the recipe for success is that from 1st of June to 1st of September the events happen every weekend in the center of Sibiu as well. In order to increase the overnight stay rate, let us introduce A tangible offer for visitors, and not just for the community, because these visitors pump money into the local budget and the county budget.And if it’s not a complete show – I have it in Dumbrava the Zoo, and the Astra Museum, in the middle, what do I do – I [Muzeul] Brukenthal, Biblioteca Astra, Filarmonica, I have that great arena – no, let’s create quality events, let’s give them an urgent update, to attract the audience as much as possible to the central area and increase the rate of overnight stay. That’s what it’s about,” believes Cyprien Stefan.

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“This is normal. We are not separate, we belong to the Roman state. I run a heritage – this is not the property of the council or the country, it is the heritage of the people who live in these lands. I run it with my temporary team. So the decision maker must understand that it is a legacy. At the same time, the community and the visitor must understand that it is a heritage. We must care for it, transmit it, value it, interpret it – that is why we have so many programs related to museum education,” continues the director of the Astra Museum.

In his previous public interventions, Ciprian Ștefan said that the Astra Museum could make more money than the approximately 5 million lei it currently brings in from organizing events, but that there is a risk that commercials will pop up. I asked him where this limit is and how it cannot be crossed.

“You and the team should dictate the maximum in terms of program quality and target audience – which event in question is directed at. We can have something in the museum every day, but that thing can be boring or there is a risk of entering another area. It’s not just quantity that is The mission, but the quality of the event.You really risk turning a gastronomic event into chaos.

Besides, Sibiu has to adapt its cultural presentation a bit. I said, from June 1 to September 1, there should be events of caliber every weekend. This does not just mean concerts, to disturb the residents, but there should be as many events as possible in that area”, points out Shibrian Stefan.

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