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The judges of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal had to rule on an appeal filed by a man imprisoned in Ayod prison, who had beaten another passenger on the train for hours in February 2022. The train in question is the famous Inter Regio Train No. 1765, which runs on the Timișoara Nord – Iași route.

Shocking is the fact that the aggression that eventually turned into theft happened over a fairly long period of time, but no one intervened. Finally, the transport police were notified, and several police officers at one of the stations boarded the train.

The moments experienced by the man’s victim were presented by the judges, motivated by the Appeal Court of Alba Iulia, after the final decision of 12 September 2022.

The victim, a man from British Columbia, was on the train in question during the night and was on his way to receive treatment for the lungs. During the flight, he talked with a woman, and at one point the assailant Vasily R. He had already had a bottle of vodka.

First attack

At one point, he went to British Columbia and beat him up on the grounds that he hadn’t spoken properly with the woman in question.

BC did not react, and Vasile returned to his spot, intermittently returning to the injured person who continued to assault him, multiple blows to the head and face.

swipe to the ground

Vasily grabbed B’s shoulder. At the same time, the accused dragged the victim on the ground and kicked him several times on the body.

The defendant stopped the violent act on the victim for a while and then asked her to transfer 50 lei. Fearing and wanting to give this amount of money to the defendant in order to reconcile and stop the violence, the injured person transferred 50 lei that the defendant used to purchase the drink in question, cognac.

The assailant gave him something to drink and then started hitting him again

The defendant disembarked from an intermediate station where he bought a few bottles of cognac, after which he returned to the train next to the casualty, and presented her with cognac.

The victim drank the drink offered by the defendant, about 50 ml of cognac, out of fear of him. And after they drank alcoholic beverages, following a break in the acts of aggression against the victim, the accused began hitting the victim again, and on this occasion dragged him on the floor of the car towards the place where a number of witnesses were present.” It is shown in the court’s logic.

After this event, both the injured and the defendant resumed their seats at the opposite end of the carriage from the location of the aforementioned witnesses.

He was beaten and robbed

(..) The defendant returned to the victim and began to beat him, accusing him of being a thief, and dragged him to the room where the defendant was. In that booth, the witness, who had a direct view in that booth, noticed that the injured person took the amount of 50 lei, but the defendant threatened the injured person that if he did not give him more money, he would continue to assault him.

In order to force the injured person to take out all the money and all the goods in his pockets, the defendant B threatened. Your pockets”, and after the defendant’s previous attacks and threats, where his sense of fear intensified, and the injured pulled 150 lei from his right pocket, in addition to a phone from his left pants pocket.

Then, the defendant snatched the 150 lei and the phone from the injured person’s hand, and the latter threw them out the window and returned the 10 lei to the injured person to “go on his way.” The victim identified the fact that the amount of 150 lei consisted of several banknotes of 5 and 10 lei, a banknote of 50 lei, and several banknotes of 1 lei, and the defendant put the stolen money in the right pocket of his pants,” the court reasoned. .

Someone called the police

Finally, someone called the police, who came to the center and arrested Vasily. He was investigated and convicted of theft. But it wasn’t the first crime.

At the time of the final conviction, Vasily was already detained in Ayud prison. On September 12, the judges of the Appeals Court of Alba Iulia rejected the man’s appeal and upheld the 5-year prison sentence with the death sentence handed down by the judges in Deva.

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