TM2023. Theatrical performances with the latest technology through the Patrimonil digital culture project under the spotlight

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Patrimoniul sub reflectore Timișoara returns with a new foray into a historic area. This time, the story moved to Elizabeth, where there were plenty of things to see and discover. Technology once again played a very important role.

It was an important cultural event for the Timioara community and all those interested in culture and digital heritage and is part of the series of events dedicated to the Timișoara European Capital of Culture 2023 cultural programme.

The atmosphere of the old town was discovered by a large audience, through a theatrical performance, using digital technology and augmented reality elements, which brought to the stage lesser known details about the stories and buildings of Timisoara’s heritage.

The second of the three events that explore, neighborhood by neighborhood, the memory and stories of the inhabitants of Timisoara yesterday and today, with the aim of highlighting the cultural heritage of the city, took place on Thursday 15 September in the Roman Catholic Church “Sacre Heart of Jesus” in Nicolae Belcescu Square, one of the symbols of the neighborhood Elizabeth, which is a testament to the multicultural city of Timisoara.

Organized by the Politehnica University of Timiشوارoara and the National Banat Museum, together with Thespis Student Theater and the Diogenes Society, the event is part of the series of events dedicated to the Timișoara European Cultural Capital 2023 Program, held within the framework of the Patrimonilul sub reflectoare / Spotlight Heritage Timișoara project , co-financed by Timișoara City Hall through the Project Center – says Dr. Diana ANDONE, Director of CEL

The next show will take place on October 4, 2022, in the Citate neighborhood.

Presentation on Family, Emotions, Sensations and Memories – Reprint of the Brînzeu Family Genealogical Tree and Stories of a Legendary Quarter

The Elisabetin neighborhood is revealed through the prism of multicultural voices, emotion and ancient family, on an atypical journey through the memories of the Brînzeu family.

The direction of the exhibition was inspired by the exhibition “Heritage in the Spotlight. Elisabetin District and Ntti Dr. Diel – A World in a Chord, organized as part of the project, in 2020, by the National Museum of Banat and the Politehnica University of Timisoara, which is based on a manuscript ” Family Journal” by Professor Dr. Pia Bronzio. This presentation highlighted the stories and atmosphere of the Elizabethan Quarter, presented through the perspective of the Netti Dr. Old Quarter world.

Explore ancient history with today’s technology

The original aspect was provided through the use of digital technology and augmented reality elements, items made by students from the “Spotlight Heritage Timișoara” project team from Politehnica University of Timioara.

On the show crew Elizabethan district under the spotlight! Dramatic adaptation and directing was done by Madădălina Ghițescu-Petre, actress at Merlin Theater and associate director at Thespis Thespis, theater production: Ionel Mărginean, Head of Works Department of the Faculty of Construction, University of Politehnica Timișoara, directing and scenography assistant: Maria Dombrov, artistically responsible for the projects of the Association Cultural Diogenes, actors: Eliza Chicha, Maria Dombrov, Alexandru Kotlin Timić, Alexandru Krakovan, his goodness, Ionel Morginin.

The concept and artistic and artistic development were drawn by Dr. Diana Andoni, Director of the E-Learning Center, Polytechnica University of Timisoara and Marius Corni, Museum Designer, National Gallery of Banat.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Experiences and Projections were created by Engineer Marius Tetaro and Engineer Silvio Berzesco, Master of Multimedia Technologies, Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology and Rafael Leukota, Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

City – a chapter in our lives

To further interact with the spectators who were eagerly awaiting the show, the Spotlitght Heritage team invited them to a game, where they “traveled” into the atmosphere of ancient Timisoara to learn about visual elements from the city’s past.

On this occasion, participants discovered what places were like, and where they live their personal story today, thus contributing their own stories to create multiple layers of personal memories and data from the histories of neighborhoods and communities. Several hundred people expressed interest in testing knowledge of the cultural heritage of their city, and at the end of the game they received prizes that will remind them of the project and this experience.

Community participation and technology-enhanced experiences in the neighborhoods of Timisoara

This event represents the implementation team’s desire to invent a way to present the city’s history and urban heritage to the general public in an artistic and dynamic way, so as to facilitate cultural awareness and education, especially for the younger generations.

Through this show, the Politehnica University of Timioara, in partnership with the National Museum of Buildings and Thespis Student Theatre, has promoted and benefited from Timisoara’s tangible cultural heritage through the artistic and digital enhancement of the historical stories and buildings in the Elisabetin district, highlighting its multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, and architectural styles. The historical paths, presenting stories worthy of being continued and artistically appreciated.

About the Heritage in the Spotlight Project Timișoara / Spotlight Heritage Timișoara

The resulting technical explanations and films will be uploaded to the Spotlight Heritage Timisoara website: and enhanced successively through digital technologies, accessible to any audience.

The Spotlight Heritage Timisoara platform encapsulates stories from the past, and is organized as Landmarks, Sequences and Community, with the main objective of attracting the residents and visitors of Timișoara into this world where history and heritage are updated and presented through digital technologies, including a mobile application with augmented reality, more ways Ease and attractiveness to contribute to the promotion of cultural values, to educate citizens, to educate younger generations, as preservers of this heritage.

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Heritage in the Spotlight is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara implemented in partnership with the National Museum of Bananas, and is part of the Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture Program. A cultural project co-financed by the municipality of Timisoara through the project centre, Timi County Council.

The project’s digital components can be accessed online at and through mobile applications that can be downloaded from the Android and Apple stores, search for “Spotlight Timisoara” or scan the QR code attached to this release.

App Link for Android Users:

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Information about the event is also available at:

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Twitter: @spotlight_TM21

Instagram: spotlight_tm

In 2020, the Politehnica University of Timisoara celebrates the first century of university education in Timisoara, which was founded on November 11, 1920 by royal decree. The Politehnica University of Timioara, an advanced research and teaching university, is today one of the Romanian schools with a tradition recognized nationally and internationally, both through the work of generations of its faculty and through the exceptional work of distinguished academics. The university’s ten colleges offer study programs to nearly 13,500 students. More than 800 faculty members work in 25 departments, and the number of faculty and administrators is about 1,000.

The National Museum is located in Banat in a building that has been declared a historical monument – Hunyad Castle. The temporary home of the National Banat Museum for organizing temporary exhibitions and cultural events is Fort Theresia, on Martin Luther Street No. 4.

Thespis Student Theater is a powerful alternative to traditional theater forms. More than just a theater, even becoming a home, and an unusually large family, Thespis offers its sons various points of contact with the theatrical, awe-inspiring, and cultural phenomenon in general, an opportunity to express themselves freely, the youth and, above all, the man.

The Diogenes Cultural Association is the institutionalization of the Thespis Student Theater and aims to support the production of plays or other artistic events, to stimulate public interest in dialogue, debate, social participation and alternative art, to facilitate public access to theater and cultural events, and to promote the cultural and civic values ​​of Timisoara. The creation, support and promotion of multidisciplinary productions, events and workshops (theatre, music, dance, etc.) are other objectives of the association.



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