Unforgettable pages of brahian football history/match that was played on two different days, in two different cities, and it was three halves! (Fourthly)

We continue the series dedicated to the history of football Prahov, where readers had the opportunity to discover some of the most interesting details about the history of football in our province. After consecutive years, enjoying exceptional material signed by Konstantin Dumitru-Blobini, we present to you some of the episodes collected from another source, the three-volume work entitled “History of Country Football”, published in 2020, signed by journalist Octavian Kojocaro.

In this episode, we go back in time, 86 years ago, to 1936, because then the strangest game in the history of country football and Beloitte happened. The match counted for the so-called “Provincial Cup”, a competition with an official in those years, which pitted the representatives of the cities against each other. The best football players of the city clubs played in the “Mukhtar” of the city.
Campina and Ploesti met several times in this competition. Sometimes the peasants were victorious, sometimes the Ploiešte people were victorious.
The strangest match took place in 1936 between the representative teams of Campina and Ploechte. This is a story you’ve never heard of before!

“History of Country Football”, Volume 1, Chapter 2. 12, Page 84
At the “Provincial Cup”, the Campina representative again caused a sensation. The city’s best players enjoyed the first three rounds: 3-0 with Mislea, 2-0 with Azoga and 3-0 with Buzau. In the quarter-finals, a duel with the national team Ploiești followed. It was an atypical duel from all points of view. The first 45 minutes were played on June 28, 1936 in Ploiesti. The score was 2-2. But the second half did not go into it because of a horse encounter! The match was decided to continue the next day on June 29. The second half was held in Campina! The hosts won it 2-0. The “official” match ends here. But since the rural audience paid tickets to watch a 90-minute football match, it was decided to play another “friendly” half: Campina also won this match with a score of 1-0. This was the story of a match that started one day, in one city, and continued the next day, in another, and had two halves of “official” and one “friendly.” In the semi-finals, Câmpina was supposed to receive a visit from Galai, but the opponents did not show up. In the final, Câmpina now had to play away from home, at Turnu Măgurele. They have traveled, but it was better to stay at home: Torno Mogorelli – Campina 10-1!

“History of Country Football”, Volume 1, Chapter 2. 10, pp. 69-70
We take another leap in time, until August 1934, to see the date of another match at Câmpina – Ploiesti, surprisingly won by the peasants. The press at the time gave the victory of the Ploist people as a sure thing in the records of that duel, but the result contradicted expectations.

Today, in Campina and Constanta, the Provincial Cup matches
(…) Plostini will move to Campina. The Republicans have a much better team than their competitors. They have more experienced players, better individually, who will be able to achieve an easy victory for their city. Câmpina will try to use the environment feature (na-private) to limit the score. So it is expected to be a tough match. (Daily Sport, August 13, 34)

Câmpina eliminates Ploeşti 3-1 (0-1) beautiful performance by peasants
Field 12 (by phone). – The county cup match that was held today in our city in front of 600 spectators between the representative teams of Ployi and Campini, returned after a beautiful match against the people. Guests with a team made up of the best elements couldn’t resist the simple team that gave a game worthy of recognition. Isbânda Câmpinei was well deserved. The success of Colors of Our City is largely due to the work done by Mr. Nicu Rădulescu, President of the Sportul Muncitoresc Group. The first half was in favor of Beloist, who scored through Vasilescu. In the second part of the game, the locals come back with a force and crush the opponent’s defense. Paulini (Bucharest) led the following formations:
area: Georgescu. Geller I, Caramelio, Badior, Cuproyo, Teodosio; Geller II, Ultiano, Creo, Karason, Marinaro.
rain: Zaharsko. Dragomirescu I, Dragomirescu II, Popescu, Danché, Mueller, Obretcovici, Reingrueber, Spirea, Vasilescu, Atanasiu. You are
(Sports newspaper, August 14, 1934).
Campina then had his first stunning run in the Provincial Cup, reaching the semi-finals. After the liquidation, one by one, representatives of Buzău (score 4-1), Târgovişta (2-1), Alexandria (3-1), Ploieşti (3-1) and Galaţi (by no-show), followed by the finalist Bazargic (na – Today Dobrici or Dobrich, located on the territory of Bulgaria. In 1936, the Quartet was the property of Romania). Before this duel, there was a lot of talk in the media at the time, for some incredible reason.

Campina and Pazargykol refuse to organize the semi-finals of the Provincial Cup
Campina and Pazargykol, who qualify for the semi-finals of the Provincial Cup, will meet at one of the stadiums of the respective cities. Neither Câmpina nor Bazargicul wants to organize this semi-final. In FRFA, the opinion was made that the match should take place in a neutral city, namely in Ploești. The Republicans’ answer has not yet been obtained, because members of the Ploetty District are far away. (Sports Gazette, August 19, 1934).

The semi-finals of the Provincial Cup takes place on Sunday, Kampina meets Pazardzic
The semi-finals of the Provincial Cup, for which the teams of the cities of Campina and Pazardzic qualified, will be held on Sunday. Since the two cities were not initially willing to receive the organization, it was said that the semi-finals would be held in a neutral city. In the end, Pazargikul decided to organize the semi-final match that will be held on Sunday.
(Sports newspaper, August 24, 1934).
Pazargikul Province Cup
He qualified for the final by defeating Campina 7-2 (5-0).
Pazardzhik (26, by phone). Today, the semi-final match of the County Cup was held in the city, between the representatives of Pazardzic and Kampina. Victory returned to the general surprise of the locals with a score of 7-2. Pazardzic played an excellent game. After a half in which they clearly controlled, the Campignans regained their composure at the start of the second, only to concede again towards the end. After this victory, Pazargikul qualified for the final of the Provincial Cup, to go into the final against the representative of the capital. The game began to notice Pazargic’s superiority. They scored: in the 10th minute, Kopylchino (no – not Abolchinov, as he appeared in Sportol Zelnik). In the 15th minute, the same Kobelciano increased the score. In the 25th minute, Kosticho, in the 29th minute, Kopelchino and in the 42nd minute, the result of the first half with a score of 5-0 in favor of Pazardzic. At the second half, Câmpina regains his composure and puts pressure on the locals for a while and scores two goals through Gheorghiu in the 13th and 19th minutes. Towards the end, Pazargikul recovers and punches Georgescu’s goal twice through Sibi and Kopelchino. Pazargic, Kopelchino, Firdaus and Lubin stood out, and Giorgio played well from Campina. In front of more than 2,000 spectators, Mr. Guţescu (Bucharest) commanded the following formations excellently:
Pazarzhik: Vahan – Cristo, Lubin – Kobelchino, Achim, Vardo – Pasco, Kostic, Miko, Robcic, Sebi
area: Georgescu-Geller II, Caramalo-Stenscu, Burdur, Teodosio-Ionescu, Giorgio, Geller I, Ultiano, Caraccio.
(Gazzetta Sportorilor, August 28, 34)
If they had qualified for the final, Campina would have faced the Bucharest representative team, who officially qualified in the final chapter, under consideration.Here is the best representative from the Southern League.

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