Vlad, Alexandro Tudor’s son, is a top scorer in FCSB!

Article by Andrei Crăiţoiu, Dan Udrea – Published Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 6:14 pm / Updated Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 6:48 pm

Vlad Tudor (19 years old), son of former referee Alexandru Tudor, was transferred from the vice-champion of FC Argeș, in the final stage of the tournament he managed to achieve a “double” for FCSB II, in the third league, and he is the top scorer, tied with Ignaz Stoica.

Last weekend, in the second team of FCSB, which is active in League 3, a child emerged. His name: Vlad Theodor scored two goals in In the match won by the red team, 5-0, with Muscelul Câmpulung.

Vlad Tudor is none other than the son of former senior referee Alexandru Tudor, who retired from refereeing a few years ago, but later also worked for the FCSB.


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Alexandro Tudor’s son is a top scorer in FC Barcelona

Vlad was recently brought in from FC Argeș, where he excelled in the U19 team, which is why he trained several times with the first team Pitești.Under the leadership of Andrei Priblita.

Exactly one year ago, he scored his first goal with his big team, as well as in the third league match, Real Prado – FC Argeș II 0-2.

His very good performances have prompted him to catch the attention of Gigi Becali’s club, and he is currently playing for the second team.

GSP wrote about Vlad Theodor exactly one year ago

In September 2021, GSP.ro presented the story of Vlad Theodor under the title “Meet Alexandru Tudor’s son! The story of an extraordinary teenager: he lives in a dormitory and comes to train on a motorbike”.

At that time, Theodor Jr. was in the twelfth grade, at the national college “Zynka Golsko”, and his classmates revealed that he “came to train on a motorbike, lived in the dormitory and did not use social networks at all, he did it. You don’t even have a smartphone ” .

Image source: Facebook @ FC Argeș

Vlad Theodor, with two successes last weekend, scored 3 goals with red and blue equipment and is the top scorer in FCSB II.tied with Ianis Stoica, a striker who previously appeared in several first-team matches and scored no less than 7 goals last season in League 1.

Theodor Jr. is a play-mate in FCSB II with several footballers who have trained and played under Nicolae Decaux, among them: Domiter, Iannis Stoica, Mossi, Florida Achim

He is a boy who takes care of his own business, cares about preparation. He has an advantage in the physical aspect because his mother, Mr. Tudor’s wife, is an athletic trainer. Technically and tactically, he had a huge growth, which is why he ended up playing in the third league.

– Robert Inacci, coach of FC Argeș U19 last season

What Tudor said about his son: ‘He feels like a footballer’

Almost 4 years ago, in December 2018, Gazeta Sporturilor gave an extensive interview to Alexandru Tudor, after he withdrew from the arbitration. Among the topics covered was the topic of his son Vlad, who was only 15 years old at the time, but declared himself a promising football player.

How did the former referee respond to his son’s footballing level?

– People who saw your son playing football say that he has a talent. This is correct?
– He has the feeling of being a football player. I also know that he has qualities, but he is no longer laying bones, no longer sacrificing himself. “I’m a football player!”. “Wait, well, like that! You have to fight every practice! Well, don’t you hear? To play with Messi and Ronaldo you have to sacrifice yourself every day!”.

Unique: In 2004, he was brought to the basket for his father’s exams

Vlad Theodor comes from a family whose parents had strong connections to sports. His father is well known, a former senior referee, who is practically the one who holds the record for league 1 referee games, at least 380, over Christy Ballage (341).

His mother is also on the field, she is a sports coach and she is the one who coached her husband when he was an active referee. He has been indispensable since the moments when Alexandru Tudor underwent physical exams and She did not give up this habit immediately after giving birth to Vlad in 2003:

  • In February 2004, in one of these tests, conducted at the former “Lia Manoliu” stadium, Dana Tudor was in the stands, with a stopwatch in one hand, tracking her husband’s arms, and a baby basket in the other hand in which their son Vlad was today’s striker from FCSB II (Picture 1)
Alexandro Tudor's son is a top scorer in FCSB »What he said
  • At the end of the tests, Dana went down the track, to the satisfaction of her husband, who immediately came to grab the basket in which their son was (photo 2)
Alexandro Tudor's son is a top scorer in FCSB »What he said

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