Anca Alungulesei offers a “fat burning accelerator”

Anca Alungulesei, Nutritional Healer and Innovator psychological dietDiscover the straightforward recipe for turning your body into a fat-burning “accelerator”, and reveal it, along with scientific information, nutritional strategy, recommendations, and food plans, in an intense 5-hour lesson the details of which can be found at www.anca-alungulesei. ro.

“Due to its metabolic flexibility, the human body naturally functions as a ‘hybrid machine’ with the possibility of feeding it with two different fuel sources: glucose, as the main source and FAT, as an alternative source. When the amount of glucose in the body is reduced by a directed process, body fat automatically becomes the source Thus, the body goes through a normal, normal and healthy metabolic change that speeds up the burning of its own fat.The body’s metabolism is flexible and uses any source of fuel available to it, whether it is fuel brought in from food or fuel already stored in the body, in the form of deposits. So, instead of just using glucose as an energy source and continuing to store it, the body is able to burn its own fat to generate energy.”After years of studying and practicing in the field of healthy eating, Anca Alungulesei believes.

The strongest “enemies” of the figure come from food, but also from some specific lifestyle habits: “From a nutritional point of view, the consumption of carbohydrates, through a cumulative effect, stops fat burning and promotes the formation of fat reserves and deposits. From the point of view of life habits, we have 3 ingredients that encourage the growth of the fat layer: constant stress that generates an increase in the level of cortisol, intense sports that increase the level of inflammation in the muscles, which leads to fat burning.They become much slower and poor quality sleep that prevents the burning of fat through a compensatory mechanism for overeating. , thus increasing the willingness to consume foods rich in sugar”, reveals Anca Alungulesei who has clear solutions to launch the weight loss process in the “Fat Burning Accelerator” a professional cycle of fat without counting calories and without exercise as of October 1.

Daily consumption of healthy fats and a controlled reduction in the amount of carbohydrates entering the body along with intermittent fasting are just some of the “key” tools to unlock and speed up the fat burning process, all of which also help reduce inflammation in the body. the body:

“There are several classes of foods that help speed up fat burning: vegetables that grow above ground – especially green vegetables, except potatoes, proteins – fatty fish, turkey, beef, sheep, eggs, saturated and monounsaturated oils, fats – Coconut, olives, avocado oil Nuts and seeds – roman nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts Drinks: water (a lot), herbal teas and unsweetened coffee Reducing inflammation is essential both in the process of burning fat, but especially for the health of the body In the long run, and the time interval we choose to eat solid food speeds up this whole process. I always recommend the easily accessible 8 hour/16 hour intermittent fasting, i.e. concentrating all of our solid meals into another 8 hour and 16 hour period ( which includes sleep) to take a break from solid food by eating only fluids (water, tea, coffee)”, Anca Alungulesei reveals part of the secrets of a toned, healthy and resilient body, the secrets that she will detail in her October 1st chapter geared to carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and leaners who will learn how to transform their own fat, from storage and retention. In order to survive, in the power generator but especially in the accelerator burn the extra kilos.

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