Palace Square and Hall Square are redesigned. 130,000 lei prize!

Two competitions to find solutions to develop two main objectives at the Yash Center are nearing completion. These days, the city council will announce whether the only bid to develop the central hall square is the winner, and at the beginning of October, the square in front of the Palace of Culture will be the turn of the century.

In the case of each competition, one prize will be awarded, with a total value of 130,000 lei (including VAT). In either case, arrangement ideas will be the basis for developing and developing award documents that will lead to the procurement of design and implementation services.

How will the agro-industry market turn?

One competition considers Central Hall and the Agro-industrial Market. By modernizing the area, City Hall wants to create a market according to Western standards. According to the competition theme, Central Hall Square should become a “pole of attraction” for Iași and “the nucleus for the promotion of agro-industrial products from the Moldova region”. At the same time, the reactivation should take into account that the place becomes a promoter of local traditions and a multifunctional center of information, education and promotion of a healthy diet, based on traditional natural products, obtained in ecological conditions. In the market there will be, among other things, exhibition stands for producers, tasting areas, the possibility of organizing various events (a stage will also be laid) and an information center (tourist and gastronomical).

Other objectives of the competition are the restoration of the structure of the domes, the interior and exterior architecture and the rehabilitation of the facilities. Currently, the market has more than 200 stalls with sectors such as: vegetables, fruits, dairy products, flowers and medicinal plants. The action attracted only one bidder: Splendid Development SRL. If the bid winner is announced, then it is expected that in response to this impact these days, the company will raise a prize of up to 60,000 lei (including VAT). The exhibitor owns two other companies as partners, one owned by a resident of Iasi and the other by a Belgian national. Splendid Development specializes in engineering and technical consulting activities, and last year had a turnover of about 8 million lei, a net profit of nearly 1.7 million lei and a number of more than 40 employees. The firm’s presentation is analyzed by a jury made up of architects and urban planners working at City Hall, but the forum also includes representatives from the Federation of Romanian Architects.

A new attempt to modernize the Palace Square

In the past, the area around the Palace of Culture has also been the subject of other landscaping design holdings. For one reason or another, the city council has not yet completed such a project. Until September 30, the municipality is waiting for ideas for a competition for new solutions launched in this regard, the prize being 70,000 lei (including VAT). The interventions for the development of the park cover a total area of ​​more than 14,500 square metres.

According to the theme of the competition, one of the main goals is to create a space for promenade and enhance the value of the park according to the model of pedestrian markets and western streets. “It is desirable to develop an integrated pedestrian circulation and other ecological means of transportation between Biawa Unirii and Biaka Balatului Kaltori, taking into account also the Iasi municipality project to build an underground corridor connecting the municipal building. A. Banu and Balat Street,” stated the quoted document.

Other objectives are to enhance historical monuments, create information and exhibition centers, event organizing areas, create a small urban park and green spaces, arrange recreation spaces, architecture restoration of alleys and green spaces and rehabilitate public facilities and urban furniture. “The plaza represents the most open space and historical events that have taken place over time at the heart of the city’s culture.

The archaeological research conducted here has shown that the area has been inhabited since the Middle Neolithic and that the settlement of these lands originates here”, the topic of the competition also states. The announcement of the winner of this competition must be published on October 10, provided that there are participants in the procedure Until the deadline (30 September).

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