Power show organized by IPSO Agriculture

IPSO Agricchora at the Power Show event, organized at the beginning of September and hosted by Polirom Prod of Siliștea, Teleorman County, managed by Marian Popa, presented technical solutions for soil preparation, sowing, harvesting and irrigation of agricultural crops.

Product specialists presented in detail tractors, assemblies and machines from the company’s portfolio, as well as novelties that they bring to the domestic market.

As for combines, two models were presented: one of them is small-capacity, from the T series, with an engine of 6.8 liters JD, with a capacity of 270 hp, with belts; The other is a new product in Romania, the JD X9 1100, with 700 hp – the largest in the combine harvester segment.
Unlike the first model, the latter is equipped with two rotors, and the harvesting technology is axial flow.
“It is known that the axial flow harvesting technology ensures high quality of the harvested grain, the percentage of breakage tends to 0%, and the waste is very small, less than 1%,” he said. Stefan Tikothe product specialist in the harvest side of IPSO Cultivation.
This machine is equipped with the new build John Deere 13.6L engine and is field capable.
The stake is designed to operate in harsh working conditions, with a very large rail up front, which allows it to feed a lot of material. The hopper has a capacity of 16,200 liters and can be equipped, for example, with a 16-row Geringhoff corn head.
“It’s as productive as two sets of the S-Series, like the S 770,” the product specialist said.
The combine harvester can be configured according to the farmers’ needs and the specific conditions of the farm. It can be equipped with tracks for better control on the ground.
It is a long machine, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sifters is large, 7m2, which is able to guarantee high productivity at low fuel costs.
Another advantage mentioned by representatives of IPSO Agricochora is simplicity of operation.
“The JD X9 is a smart suite, capable of providing suggestions and adjusting various parameters in real time: motor speed, network distance, screen opening, all according to the conditions encountered in the field, and this is done by means of two video cameras. With this system, Group performance increases by up to 20% compared to manual calibrations that the operator has to perform.”
The farmer can easily track the performance of the harvest by accessing the platform
myjohndeere.com from your mobile phone or other devices. It receives various information such as vehicle location, diesel consumption, etc., but also documentation maps that can be used to apply variable rate inputs.

new transmission
American manufacturer John Deere has developed an electric transmission – EVT that will be available from next year on the 410 HP 8 series tractors.
Inside this transmission there are two alternators and two inverters. The advantages of the electric transmission are reliability and quick response to the load. In addition, operator comfort increases and fuel consumption decreases because those mechanical changes to the transmission body no longer occur. It is an efficient transmission that has been tested and proven reliable and performs in the field.” Marian GregoryIPSO Agriculture specialist.
At the rear of the tractor there is a 100 kW socket where various electrically operated tools that will be developed in the future can be connected.

Accuracy in carrying out agricultural work
Farmers strive to perform all farm work with precision. The introduction of GPS guidance systems brought a number of benefits to farmers and paved the way for the practice of precision farming. John Deere invented the world’s first automatic guidance system and productivity map.
During the event, it was announced the launch of the new StarFire 7000 receiver, which will be available from next year and which guarantees very high accuracy.
“The manufacturer guarantees very good accuracy even in the standard, which is about 15 cm, but in fact it is 5-7 cm. The new antenna will initially be available on the sprinklers and provides a new signal and a deflection of up to 2.5 cm without the need for an RTK base station or RTK modem. All you need is activation and subscription” Adrian Kalina specialist in precision agriculture at IPSO Agriculture.

To maintain accuracy during the works, the DynaTrac system, developed by Laforge, was introduced. Hubert Defrancq, the company’s director, described the advantages of this system which compensates for the deflection of the machine behind the tractor, not allowing it to bend sideways or backwards to get perfectly straight rows.

At the end of the theoretical demonstrations of the machines and equipment marketed by IPSO Agriculture, farmers were invited to practical demonstrations to test their reliability and performance. The JD X9 harvester was harvested into a lump of corn and farmers had the opportunity to see it in action.

Anna Ioneta

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