GRF+ is running alongside RunInBuc Bucharest for the Bucharest Marathon and Bucharest Half Marathon

  • It will represent GRF + RunInBuc Bucharest, with the aim of brokering commercial sponsorship services and media partnerships for the Bucharest Marathon and Bucharest Marathon events.
  • Events are organized in Bucharest, between October 8-9, 2022, respectively, May 6-7, 2023.

GRF + It continues to develop its portfolio of sports marketing and sponsorship by partnering with Runenbucharestwith the role of representation, development and mediation in commercial sponsorship and media partnerships for the two most important running events in the sports calendar in Bucharest – Bucharest Marathon And the Bucharest Marathon.

“We are so excited to have them GRF + As partners in this journey, they have a key role in the development of the ongoing community. OMV Marathon Petrom Bucharest And the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon is more than just organizing events, since inception our mission is to inspire Romanians to exercise. We are confident that through this strategic partnership, we will build more for the ongoing community and So Let’s continue the story Runenbucharest. “announced Valeria Rasella van GroningenAnd the President of RunInBuc Bucharest (Organizer of Bucharest Marathon and Bucharest Half Marathon).

Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon After reaching its 15th edition, the Raiffeisen Bank Marathon will be held in Bucharest this year from 8-9 October. After the first edition in 2008, in which only a few hundred runners participated, the size of the event continued to grow from year to year, thus becoming the largest mass sporting event in Romania, with each edition gathering more than 19,000 people from 65 countries. Also, the event has a noticeable social and economic impact on society, the level of attention it receives allowing support for more than 30 social causes.

OMV Marathon Petrom Bucharest – The first edition of the Petrom Bucharest HALF OMV Marathon was held in 2012, gathering nearly 4,000 participants from 35 countries. Over the years, the number of participants has experienced one of the highest growth rates at the European level, and the event has reached a social and economic impact similar to that of the Bucharest Marathon, mainly through the level of awareness achieved, but also through the attention given to social causes. The next edition of the event will take place on May 6-7, 2023.

“As is well known, sport has a great influence on society, and the management of events, in particular, contributes to the development of society and a sense of belonging to the group, bringing people together. This can be seen even on the road, where voters often help and encourage each other even Everyone reaches their goal – to cross the finish line, overcoming any limit or obstacle.We are very pleased to expand this unit’s portfolio Sports and care From GRF + By the opportunity to represent two important sporting events, i.e. Bucharest Marathon And the Bucharest Marathon, which has contributed greatly to the development of the running culture, and has become a national landmark through the way it promotes not only positive values ​​such as physical and mental health, respect or empathy, but also sports tourism, which is little developed in our country. These two events have proven year after year how important they are to the participants who are gathering in increasing numbers, a fact that makes us happy and we want to contribute in turn.”announced Victor Voiko, Head of Sports and Welfare Department, GRF +.

Founded in 1997 as part of the local BBDO Communications Group, GRF + (under the name GraffitiPR) became an independent communications agency in 2001, with its own portfolio of clients and multiple communication capabilities. GRF+ has joined exclusively in Romania for the global Ketchum network since 2012, developing integrated PR-driven marketing campaigns, to expand its capabilities in digital, creative strategy and services, CSR and sustainability, advocacy, public affairs, influencer marketing, events, sports marketing and others. .
With a constant presence in the top 3 players in the market, the GRF+ team, in 2022, includes more than 100 consultants with diverse expertise in the fields of HoReCa, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Banking, Pharma, IT&C, and GRF+ mission to implement campaigns and project development with maximum impact in Business and Society.

Bucharest Running Club It is the organizer of the biggest street running competitions in Romania. Since 2008, Bucharest has been included in the international marathon circuit, joining other European capitals that host such competitions annually. All #RunInBuc Bucharest competitions have been approved and entered into the international calendar of AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Half Marathons) and World Athletics (International Association of Athletics Federations). BRC in Romania has developed a model to link running competitions to a social, humanitarian or environmental issue, and there are currently more than 30 causes partnering for events. They raise funds in excess of €100,000 annually for the community, social, educational and environmental projects presented. BRC was the first NGO to launch a voluntary sports platform in Romania – The official Bucharest Running Club websites are:, www.buc,, www.runinbuc and the Facebook sites are: Bucharest HALF MARATHON, Bucharest MARATHON, Bucharest RUNNING CLUB, volunteer in sport.

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