Is it the most controversial tournament in women’s handball history?

The Women’s National Handball League kicks off on Saturday and a richer tournament than ever is announced.

Those from CSM Bucharest and Rapid, with budgets of around 3 million euros, are joined by Gloria Bistrița and Dunărea Brăila, two groups that are also throwing money left and right.

95 percent of the money distributed in Romanian handball comes from public money, and players’ salaries are the highest in Europe. We are a kind of El Dorado balloon sports in the European hemisphere. “Unreal salaries,” says George Tadeshi.

Is it the most controversial tournament in women’s handball history? What is the answer given by Florentin Pera, Jorge Tadeshi, Adi Vasili, Carlos Fever and Bogdan Borcia. 5-6 teams can produce surprises

The Romanian Super Cup in women’s handball, Tuesday evening, won the cup holder and vice-champion CSM Bucharest, after the match with the champion Rapid Bucharest in the opening of the new season.

CSM Bucharest won 28-26 (13-16)attended by more than 3,000 spectators, among whom were the fast-paced fans trotting through the bustling exhibition.

professional sports He starts a series dedicated to this start of the tournament and we spoke to the most important women’s handball coaches who asked them several questions. Today is the first episode, we have two more sets of questions.

1. Is it the most controversial female tournament in history?
2. Should three Champions League teams (men + women) qualify for both competitions?

Florentin Pera – girls selector: “I hope the Romanian players impose themselves”

1. It is too early to make a judgment, but if we go back to the budgets of the first six or seven teams and the transfers that have been made, it can be said that we will have one of the strongest leagues in Europe, but it is still standing to see how they will integrate the new players into our tournament.

At first glance, a balanced duel in the title struggle between CSM Bucharest and Rapid is expected, given that the two teams have a large number of top players, Olympic champions, world champions and Champions League winners.

Even if the share of foreign players is higher than the share of local players in both teams, I hope that the Romanian players will establish themselves with the best possible developments from the perspective of the European Championship.

It will be a tight fight for the medal and a place in the European Cup, with many teams announcing daring goals, so as few as 5-6 teams can produce surprises, meanwhile, the fight to avoid relegation will be contested. .

2. Taking into account the fact that all three teams representing Romania in the Champions League have made significant transfers and aim to reach the upper stages of the competition, the domestic competition is also expected to see an increase in the competitive level.

Carlos Fever – quick coach: “All clubs have competitive projects”

1. Well, I’m not the best person to answer this one, I’ve lived here for less than two years, but I’ve been following the Romanian league for about six years. A priori I think it could be one of the most competitive tournaments in recent years.

All clubs have competitive projects and at least five or six teams can be at the top of the table and take points from each other. Looking at the results of the pre-season matches, it will be a great league for the fans as they will get a lot of good matches.

2. I think so European Union He tries to globalize handball and make it visible in different countries. Granting Romania three places in the Champions League means that many countries will not have representation in this competition.

I also think that it is not possible to increase the number of participants because in this form of competition the Champions League schedule is very demanding, with two matches a week being played almost all season. In short, I think Romania has the privilege of having three representatives in this competition and I think we have to look at it positively.

Adi Vasili – coach of CSM Bucharest: “Our opponents in the Flower League will always try to beat us”

1. We may be able to draw these conclusions at the end of the season. Now, on paper at least, things show that we have an interesting season ahead, with valuable teams and top players, a high-quality tournament, and perhaps among the best in Europe! How much disagreement will be, we will see next year, in May!

2. For Romanian handball, it is a great success to be able to send 3 teams from the same city to the most important European competitions between clubs. Undoubtedly, this fact is always a catalyst for internal competition, even if for the participating teams it is also a busy schedule, with many trips and adrenaline at its maximum!

But we love it, we’re used to it, and we’re ready for what’s to come! And the competitors from the Flower League will always try to beat us or take advantage of any moment of weakness!

Jorge Tadechi – coach of HC Zalo: “The embarrassing competition between mayors and county councils”

1. This is what it looks like at first sight after the random investments of public money in an embarrassing competition between city halls and county councils. But it is not so because the value of the championship is given by the development of the national team. And the first actor wasn’t that low.

2. The answer is no.

Bogdan Borcia – Craiova coach: “No”

1. No!
2. No!

What does the women’s handball first round schedule look like?

▪️ Saturday 27 August:

13:00 SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea – CSM Galati
17:30 SCM Craiova – Minor Baia Mare (Pro Circuit)

▪️ Sunday, August 28:

11:00 HC Zalo – Gloria Bistrita-Nosaud
12:00 CSM TârguJiu – CS Dacia Mioveni 2012
17:30 Fast – CSM Bucharest (Pro Arena)
18:00 Gloria Buzau – CSM Slatina
18:00 Măgura Cisnădie – Braila Danube

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