The president of the Dynamo CS club was forced by “two and a quarter” Iono Buba to cut off the funds of the Ministry of the Interior as he pleased.

By taking over management by those who were sent from “two and a quarter”, Dinamo Bucharest Sports Club has become a state within a state, and access to information of importance is a fad treated with arrogance and arrogance by captain Iono Buba.

Dinamo Bucharest or Dinamo … Barcelona

After the big money install of former Barcelona coach, Xavier Pascual, as coach of the men’s handball team Dinamo Bucharest, the club funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs has become an endless bag where untold sums are shredded in order to bring in foreign handball players with huge wages, while the Romanian players are expelled or sent to the stands.

Thus, at the moment, the handball team Dinamo Bucharest has a group of 24 players, including 15 foreigners, that is, it includes four teams, and the technical staff consists of 11 people. Immediately after the arrival of Xavier Pascual, his two sons also appeared in the Dinamo park, one as a player of about 5,000 euros per month and the other as a video analyst, but they also prepared for him a group of children.

Also, the Spaniard as a second coach arrived at Dynamo in the person of Jordi Geralt Albirich, who destroyed the center of excellence in Sighisoara, and the Spaniard David Parovit became the sporting director. At the same time, the former handball referee, Marius Pentea, arrived in Dinamo Bucharest, simply because he is a friend of Xavier Pascual, as he states on the club’s website that his activity is zero, that is, he is paid to sit. for nothing.

In practice, they still need to bring a driver and possibly a maid from Barcelona, ​​so Dinamo Bucharest could change its name to Dinamo Barcelona. All these moves were made after the inauguration of the former Minister of the Interior Marcel Villa of the Police Commissioner Yonoi Buba, who came from the former “two and a quarter”, that is General Directorate of Internal Protection.

Immediately after his inauguration, two more police officers from “two and a quarter” appeared in the command of CS Dinamo Bucharest as two vice-presidents – Chief Police Commissioner Adrian Popescu and Lucien Mihai Popa. Practically, at present, CS Dinamo Bucharest is under the complete control of General Directorate of Internal Protection.

Euno Boba’s motto: I’m from “Two and a Quarter” and I’m Above the Law

As a result of these circumstances, Captain Ionuț Popa systematically refuses to tell PUTEREA how much money is spent with the men’s handball team, and more specifically with the salaries of the players and the coaching staff.

He cites the fact that “Financial information in sports activity contracts falls within the scope of Article 12, letter C of Law 544/2001, excluded from the free access of citizens “, that is” information about commercial or financial activities, if their advertising affects intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as the principle of competition fair, according to the law.”

However, Commissioner Buba of “two and a quarter” refuses to observe the provisions of Articles 2 and 7 of Law 544/2001, stating very clearly: “By the authority or public institution Means any public authority or institution that uses or manages public financial resources, i.e. an independent government, a corporation regulated by Corporate Law does not. 31/1990republished, with subsequent changes and additions, under authority or, as the case may be, in the coordination or subordination of a central or local public authority in which the Romanian State or, as the case may be, a territorial administrative unit is the sole or majority shareholder”, andAuthorities and public institutions are obligated to respond In writing when requesting information of public interest within 10 days or, as the case may be, within a maximum of 30 days from the registration of the request, depending on the difficulty, complexity, volume of documentary work and urgency of the request. If the time required to identify and disseminate the requested information exceeds 10 days, a response will be sent to the applicant within a maximum of 30 days, provided that he has been notified in writing of this fact within 10 days.”

Therefore, today it is clear that CS Dinamo Bucharest is financed by public funds, but, nevertheless, the commander Ionu Popa refuses to announce such expenditures. why? Because he believes that coming from “two and a quarter” he is above the law, and that is why he has allowed himself to treat access to information of public interest with arrogance and arrogance.

The questions that leader Yuno Bubba refuses to answer

1. What was the total amount CS Dinamo Bucharest paid to identify each male handball player In the period 01.06.2021 – 15.08.2022, from the sports structures in Romania and the amount paid for the registration of each handball player transferred from abroad (registration fee paid to the Romanian Handball Federation) to CS Dinamo Bucharest and who are these handball players?

2. What is the total amount that CS Dinamo Bucharest per month allocates to the monthly wages of the players of the senior men’s handball team of CS Dinamo Bucharest, what is their current number and what are the names of these players?

3. What is the total amount per month allocated by CS Dinamo Bucharest to the monthly wage of the technical staff of the men’s handball team of CS Dinamo Bucharest, who are they and what position does each hold?

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