West Timisoara University opens the 2022-2023 academic year with a wonderful week

The West University of Timișoara opens the academic year with an amazing week, which promises to be full of energy and enthusiasm, with many events eagerly awaited, as is the case every year.

Starting on Monday, September 26, a dedicated first-year “freshman” program will begin, which includes activities set for the start week of “Welcome to UVT,” a period of introductions and stays filled with friendly, arts and sporting events, held until October 3, 2022.

During these days, students enrolled in the first year of undergraduate undergraduate programs at UVT are expected to discover what it means to be a student, to discover how the university environment and moments of joy with new friends work, in a familiar environment, where knowledge, sports and art come first.

Within the activities of the opening of the school year, it is worth noting, first of all, the celebration of the opening of the academic year 2022-2023 on Thursday, September 29, starting at 12:00 (Cairo time). Aula Magna “Ioan Curea” of UVT), where students, their families and relatives, as well as University, researchers and invited community personalities from UVT are expected to participate, a special celebration marking the beginning of academic activities for the new academic year.

This moment will be enriched and enhanced by the presence of the special guest of the Western University of Timisoara, His Excellency Mr. Carlos Moedas, current Mayor of Lisbon, political and academic figure of international standing, former European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, to whom UVT will award the title of Doctor Honoris Causa during the award ceremony, which will be held On the same day, starting at 10am, at Aula Magna “Ioan Corea” from UVT.

The UVT start week program and events culminate with the fifth edition of the UVT Liberty Marathon, which took place on Sunday, October 2. Besides the surprises that those who have already participated in previous editions of the UVT Liberty Marathon are used to, this year’s event is special, once again, because it is the first marathon in Timisoara with a track approved by World Athletics, but also because, as of this year, The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee is an official partner of the event, and the medal of the winner of this edition was signed by Mihai Kovalho, President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, world champion and European Olympic champion.

Benefiting from the honorable presence of Mihai Kovalio in Timisoara, the University of West Timisoara will award him the UVT Gold Medal, accompanied by the UVT Certificate of Merit, for his contribution to the benefit of Romanian sport both internationally and globally. Support granted by UVT, through partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. On Monday, October 3, there will be an official UVT Gold Medal and Diploma of Merit award event (starting at 9am, at UVT’s Aula Magna “Ioan Corea”).

The last day of Orientation Week will end with a much-awaited moment, UNIVIBES 2022 – Occupy League! , which turns the entire university into a large venue for concerts, art exhibitions and parties. Experienced artists will transform UVT headquarters into a dance floor for a day, to celebrate together the start of the new school year, on October 3, 2022.

UVT Dean, Marilyn Gabriel Bertia: “We tell them ‘Welcome to UVT!'” First-year students, as well as their colleagues from older years, at the beginning of the new school year. We offer them special opportunities in the Orientation Week calendar, which includes information, counseling, orientation events in the university environment, tours of the city of Timisoara, team-building activities, cultural and sports events, conferences and discussions. Finally Not least, the fifth edition of the UVT Liberty Marathon will be held this year, on October 2, and on October 3 we enter into the unique atmosphere of UNIVIBES.In addition, on Thursday, September 29, we are pleased to award the title of Dr. Honoris Causa UVT to Mr. Carlos Moedas Mayor of Lisbon. We are waiting for you at the beginning of the university, in the joy and energy of the opening of the school year!”

The UVT’s proposed program of events for the next week can be followed on the UVT website and on social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/uvtromania and https://www.instagram.com/uvt_romania/



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