Who is Marina Nyoyo, the actress from the Sports News Bureau: “I’m a brave girl”

She is an actress but presents sports news on Prima TV. And no, it’s not just a role! Marina Niţoiu fell in love with the role of a journalist that she had to play at some point during her acting studies. Therefore, Marina Newyo got serious about her new job and today she considers herself satisfied thanks to it.

Skydiving boosted his confidence

Who is Marina Nyoyo and what are her interests?

Marina Niţoiu is, first of all, a brave girl. Perhaps too brave, say the cowards … But, at the same time, I think to myself that I am also very shy. I grew up with two brothers and I think thanks to them I am athletic and competitive in nature.

I hate myself if I lose a match, it’s because I want to be first. I love adrenaline and am always ready to try a new activity. I love to ride, love to drive, and lately motorcycling, and for adventures, if you name it, the first was a 4000m parachute jump, followed by some snorkeling and climbing.

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When and how did you first appear on TV?

My first contact with television was when I was a student. The roles in the TV series at the time and the commercials in which they appeared brought me closer to this world.

Then I got lucky to be cast in a role as a journalist, and all the documentation of that role made me want to explore the world of television even more. Then I joined the Faculty of Journalism out of a desire to learn more.

Then I went through all the stages, from my internship in the newsroom to the moment I did my first audition in the news studio. Presented the first sports news magazine on TVR1. This was the place of his first television appearance.

When did you join the Prima TV team?

I joined the newsroom at Prima TV almost two years ago. Then the foundations of the new project were laid and that was a moment when many castings were made. I learned about preselections from a good friend. I have just returned to the country after a period of three years living in Vienna.

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I ran the tests and provided Weather and now I’m in Sport…

Yes, I am back with my first love, the sports news. I wanted this change and worked to prove that I could do more.

What do you want more from your job?

everything. But the moment you start Focus Sport is my favorite part. Or, in other words, meeting with viewers at 18.55. Also, there is another special moment when viewers stop you in the street and tell you that they love watching the news that you have to offer.

How are your days going?

My day usually starts early in the morning and always with sports. If I don’t exercise, I read sports news.

Being aware is part of my job, so the documentation part isn’t missing from my routine. Then I cook something quick, because I prefer to eat something I made myself, that way I know for sure that I used healthy ingredients.

I drink a cup of coffee on my way to work and try not to forget to hydrate. The first meeting of the day with viewers starts at 15.15 and then at 18.55. Before each magazine, I edit and read the news, follow each article, do dictation exercises, and then get ready.

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What else do you want to do in TV in the future?

I am open to new challenges. I would really like to see where my limits are. But now I really enjoy what I’m doing right now. And I think it’s important to enjoy the things we already have in our lives and not always be in a rush for more. More does not necessarily mean better.

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