Will the law officially recognizing esports be adopted in Romania?

All over the world, the esports industry attracts millions of spectators annually, and competition prizes exceed $100 million. In Romania, there is more and more talk about esports, and at the beginning of the summer a proposal to amend the Sports Act was sent to Parliament, a bill recognizing esports in Romania, so that esports could be developed and organized in the same way as classical sports branches. Is changing the sports law the best case scenario?

This will be one of the topics from Bucharest Esports Summit 2022, which will take place on September 27 starting at 10.00which can be viewed live at www.esports-summit.ro.

“At the Bucharest Esports Summit 2021, the legislative initiative aimed at bringing official recognition of esports to Romania was announced. The initiative took shape and was presented to the Chamber of Deputies this summer. It is now under discussion in the committees. Will it pass in its current form? What improvements What do they need? Are there voices against it? What will their arguments be? We will find out at Esports Summit Bucharest 2022”, said Theodor Disco, President of Esports Summit Bucharest.

The second edition of Esports Summit Bucharest will showcase the global esports ecosystem and the trends and opportunities that exist in the Romanian market. The event will bring together more than 20 speakers, from esports players, footballers and government authorities, as well as representatives of endemic and non-endemic brands already investing in the field.

Special guests are Cibrian Marika, former national team representative, and Anna Dembravo, professional CS:GO player, who recently won the title of MVP (Most Valuable Player) at the ESL Impact League Season 1 in the US.

They will bring with them Octave Ang Krio (Nexus Gaming), Mihai Kotos (Digital Crusade), Sergio Bora (OneTap), Mara Mari, State Counsellor, Vlad Marinescu (IESF), Nadim Bituron (Vodafone). Todorovschi (BCR), Marius Radu (GG Industry), Sergi Mesonero (ISFE), Alexandru Șiclovan (Racing League Romania), JaxiTV and Ovvy Streamers, Mihnea Brașoveanu (Sphera Franchise Group), Ioana Mârzac-Sigarteu (Samsungi Socaci), Romania Sports Institute), Răzvan Acsente (Tazz), Irina Folea (Logitech), Cătălin Butnariu (RGDA), Alexandru Ion (Nexus Gaming).

More details about the conference can be found at www.esports-summit.ro.

The Esports Summit Bucharest 2022 connected by Vodafone is presented by BCR and is an event supported by Amber and AGON by AOC, Kiss FM and Pro Sport.

Esports Summit Bucharest 2022:

  1. Esports – a global phenomenon. Romania: future scenarios and adaptation
  2. Effective policies for the growth of esports
  3. National events, independent events, and publisher events
  4. Investing in esports. Teams and Brands
  5. Athletes and players. Similarities and lifestyle
  6. Communication in eSports. Marketing and advertising opportunities for a rapidly growing audience

first painting Esports – a global phenomenon. Romania: present and future scenariosThe topic of discussion is the way esports is developing globally and the potential that Romania has in this context, due to the interest of brands to invest in this field and the growing number of competitions.

The opportunities that Romania has in the global context of esports are closely related to the recognition of the field at the national level. The second session will be discussed The role of policies in creating an enabling environment for e-sports. Currently, a proposal to amend the Sports Act is under discussion in Parliament. This recognition will allow the esports player to pursue a legal career, such as a professional athlete registered with a sports club. In the session, legislators and local professionals discuss how different forms of esports regulation can help build a beneficial local ecosystem for players and clubs.

The third axis discusses the differences between the different forms of organizing events. How are they different? National publishers events and independent events?

Investments in esports It will be discussed in a panel dedicated to professional organizations, sponsors and brands interested in investing in this field.

Team Athletes and players It aims to highlight the similarities between classic and esports. Together with guests from traditional esports, we will discuss and compare the life of an athlete with the life of a professional esports player.

The last topic on the agenda is represented by Communication in esports. From year to year, more and more major brands are joining the esports industry, choosing to invest in a field that is seen as the sport of the future. Along with industry guests, we will discuss the connectivity trends in the gaming area on a global level and the growing openness of brands towards the field.

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